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La Comédie des Parfums
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Corporate Event


       Corporate Team Building
        Fragrance Creation Event
            Event Duration: 4 Hours
            Arrival : Free valet parking


The event starts with specializing and getting to know each other:

We offer Champagne, sample famous French delicacies, music by the living legend violinist Geoffrey Castle, rising opera vocalist Veronica Nim and other artists upon their availability.  You will experience the visual magic of the multifaceted artist Shannon Connor Castle


A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY! You will create your own fragrance at our one-of-a-kind fragrance bar!
After everyone is comfortable, we will start the tour of the perfumery (if the event is held at our facility), educating you on the finer points of fragrance production, packaging and art of bottling.

You will be educated on the finer points of fragrance creation, learning about the 3 notes of fragrances and the importance of formulation using your individual sensual characteristics to creative fragrances that bring out your unique personalities. Combining different fragrances is a personal choice and you will experience that every combination will bring a different scent that will not be matched. It is important to take copious notes and to be specific with a list of the combinations of fragrances and the percentage used for each perfumes created. Should you create the "perfect" fragrance that fits your personality, it will be virtually impossible to create it a second time, unless you have written down the combination and percentages of ingredients that make up your special fragrance.

Once you understand the process involved in creating fragrances, you will experiment with hundreds of scents to find the perfect aroma and essence that creates a sensuality of pleasure that is uniquely to your own.

Individual fragrance creations will be made and you will take home four fragrances in hand blown glass that you will create as your own scent for yourself as well as for your loved ones.


  Visual Arts              Violonist
Shannon Connor    Geoffrey Castle

  Veronica Olson         Michael Nim

            Fragrance Creation
              Gabriel Abraham

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