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                                                         Life time artist with a unique talent
                                                          About Shannon Connor

Shannon Connor Castle is a lifetime artist with a unique talent and extraordinary vision.

From her beginnings as a commission artist, specializing in custom glass carving and design, she has evolved into a multi-faceted talent of breathtaking scope and diversity.

Working in the physically challenging world of carved glass, Shannon Castle creates breathtakingly detailed one of a kind pieces that transcend common perceptions of the boundaries of the medium.

Beginning with meticulously created sketches that are done to scale by hand then transferred and cut, also by hand, while carving with sandblast into cold glass, these images represent true individual artistic achievement.

Architectural glass installations, custom waterwalls, angels, mermaids, a 2,000-pound glass motorcycle: nothing is beyond the scope of her skill and imagination.

Copyright Shannon Connor Castle

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