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                                                                A Passionate Dedication
                                                About Gabriel Abraham, CEO

Gabriel Abraham, the gifted artist and entrepreneurial spirit behind the magic of "La Comédie des Parfums", or "The Perfumes Drama", began his own perfumery in Paris, France in 1993. The novel idea of creating passionate fragrances through artistic interpretation was conceived during that time. In 1994 Gabriel both wrote and played in a full length, two act comedy entitled Les Secrets Des Roses et Des Soupirs, The Secrets of The Roses and Sighs. In his work creating perfumes, he is dedicated to crafting fragrances that will compel and inspire live theater. It was his passion for fragrance and his desire to help his fellow comedians and actors that compelled him to develop limited edition fragrances that were sold at the theatrical shows. Gabriel’s  foresight  brought his fellow comedians and actors additional revenue through  the  sales  of  fragrances  at  the theatre  where they performed. This  unique  marketing  method  was  so successful  in  France  and  a  new  opportunity  was  born.

Gabriel’s vision is that this fusion of artistic expression will capture the attention of like-minded creative consumers, bring a fresh, powerful dynamic to the perfume industry and attract the curiosity of both the artistic and media worlds. With the March 2010 opening of our production plant in Seattle, WA, Gabriel’s timeless fragrances can now be shared with the great Northwest.

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           Gabriel Abraham                     Shannon Connor    Geoffrey Castle       Veronica Olson     Michael Nim


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           Bill Drenik

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